shop policies and FAQ's

Hello! Thank you for choosing to support my little shop! ♡

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are preorders? How long will it take for my order to get to me?

A: I hold preorders for products that I do not yet have in my possession. Preorders help me fund projects that are more expensive and also let me know what kind of interest there is for that product. The products ship out as soon as I receive them! Each preorder listing will specify my estimate as to how long it will take to receive the item. I make sure to update everyone on my news and updates page if I anticipate any delays!


Q: When will my order ship out?

A: For in-hand items, I typically send out a batch of packages once a week, depending on how many orders I have, so it will be 2-7 days usually before an order is sent out. Pre-order items have an estimated date shown on the product listing. If you purchased in-hand items in the same order as a pre-order item, they will ship out later when the preorder item has arrived unless specified otherwise on the listing.


Q: Can you ship to my country?

A: International shipping can be a bit tricky since each country has their own import laws and rules. Currently I can take sticker only orders from just about anywhere in the world on this site, as I used untracked envelope shipping. For other items such as charms, pins, and plushies, or for tracked shipping, here is the list of countries I can ship to currently from this shop:

United States Canada Australia
Brazil Colombia Hong Kong
Japan Mexico New Zealand
Singapore Taiwan Thailand


Please note that you will still need to pay any import fees that are due upon receiving the package if you are outside the US. If you are in the EU or UK, or elsewhere international that isn't on the list currently, please check out my Etsy to order! Etsy has some tools for sellers to ship internationally that make it significantly easier to do for a small artist like me, but I prefer if most orders come through my site here as Etsy takes a large portion of my earnings and charges quite a few fees.

Flat Export Rate vs. USPS International First Class: Through one of the shipping services I use, I am able to offer cheaper shipping prices with a flat export rate service! For countries other than Canada, flat export rate tracking will be through a different site than USPS tracking. Your package will first go to a sorting facility and then be sent to your country and handed off to your local postal system. The shipping time for this service is about 2-3 weeks after it's sent out. Regular USPS international shipping will go straight from the USPS system to your countries postal service, may be a bit slower, and a bit more expensive. 


Here are a few items of shop policies:

  1. I cannot accept returns in most cases! At the time being I do not offer any products that would need to be returned for sizing issues and such, so I do not accept returns unless there is something wrong with the product (damaged, etc.) If your product arrives in bad condition, please contact me with pictures and we can get you sorted out.
  2. I primarily use USPS to ship things! Once I send out the package, it is out of my control, and I have just as much information as you do about the tracking. If you have any specific concerns I'm happy to take a look at the tracking with you and see if we can figure out what's happening, but I don't have any kind of exclusive access and I can't speed up your shipping after it's been sent out.
  3. If your package gets returned to me if it's marked as an invalid address, I'm happy to re-send it to you. However, if a package gets lost in the mail unfortunately I cannot re-send those items due to cost. I can offer you replacements for a discount however. Please keep this in mind especially while ordering stickers, as there is not great tracking on the basic sticker envelopes. You can upgrade to tracked shipping if you would like!


If you have any other questions, please shoot me an email ( or message me on Etsy!

(Email and Etsy are the best ways to get in touch, I check my twitter dms occasionally, but I do not answer instagram dms most of the time as I get overwhelmed with those easily.)